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Paintless Dent Repair Training School


Rave Reviews From Our Students!

After 20 years of working in construction, I wanted a career change. I looked into many different things , but found a career that I found very interesting after lots of research. Not knowing how to get into the PDR industry, I looked into how to get training and what it takes. I found Dent Perfect to have the best deal around as not only you get one on one training, you train on the tools you will get. From day one to the last day, Dwayne tells you how the tools work and explains the correct techniques in all areas that you will use them. The tools you get to take home are phenomenal,and the experience is top notch. I can’t stress on how highly I recommend Dent Perfect as THE go to place for anyone seeking PDR training. Thank you Dwayne for helping me get my PDR career started on the right path!!

Anthony Benson
Cary NC

Dwaynes one on one class was awesome. While I was researching schools, one on one training was not a must have requirement for me. However, I recommend anyone looking for training get one on one, and get it from dwayne. I would have never been able to learn what I did in a class of more than one. Within one hour, I was working with a tool in my hand, and dwayne was right there with me watching my every move so I did not develop any bad habits. Dwaynes training style is awesome, if you are going to a pdr school, you owe it to yourself to call dwayne, he is a great teacher, and a good guy.

Mike Guenette
Marquette michigan

When i completed the course at Dent Perfect, i felt very confident. And i did a video testimony. I wanted to give Dwayne a update on my progress. I must say learning to repair dents to retail standards while at Dent Perfect, makes the difference if you are successful or not. I worked at a body shop in Dallas TX. We only worked on BMW. I was there several years and i saw dozens of PDR techs come and go, and i must say only one, stood out from the rest. I can now finish a dent just as good as he was doing. Its been a dream of mine for several years to own a PDR retail business, now i do, thanks to Dwayne at Dent Perfect. In my opinion i would not go anywhere else. Thank You

Robert G.
Dallas TX

My name is Adam Gaston I am 27 years old and live in Dallas Texas. I have been interested in learning PDR for several years now. I felt like I was spinning my wheels.

I had tried several at home DVD training series and tried to learn my self and It was going no where. I found Dwayne's website and he gave me a call the next day to talk about his training program.

The training Dwayne provides is awesome one on one. He will let you know very honestly if you are doing things the right way. By the end of my first day of training I was confident that I could really get the hang of this.

Dwayne is a really awesome guy and dent Coach/Teacher, we have spoke several times recently and he is always quick to call you back and willing to answer any questions.

If you are interested in learning and have the passion to stick with this you will be happy you went with

Adam Gaston
27 Years old
Dallas Texas