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Rave Reviews

"Dwaynes one on one class was awesome. While I was researching schools, one on one training was not a must have requirement for me. However, I recommend anyone looking for training get one on one, and get it from dwayne. I would have never been able to learn what I did in a class of more than one. Within one hour, I was working with a tool in my hand, and dwayne was right there with me watching my every move so I did not develop any bad habits. Dwaynes training style is awesome, if you are going to a pdr school, you owe it to yourself to call dwayne, he is a great teacher, and a good guy."

Mike Guenette
Marquette michigan

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We are not one of those high-pressure operations. When you call I will answer your questions honestly and let you see for yourself whether we are a good fit for each other.
Dent Perfect Paintless Dent Repair School

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I look forward to passing on my knowledge to the next generation.

Dwayne Portis - Owner/Instructor

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