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Paintless Dent Repair Training School


Questions We Receive Most

PDR Training FAQs

For many people in looking to enter a profession in which you can find a job, work hard, and earn a good salary, paintless dent removal might just be the solution you seek. Read on to find answers to the questions we receive most. Should you not find the answers you need, feel free to contact us.

What will I learn at dent perfect?
  • Explaining the PTP theory.
  • How to find your tip.
  • Exercises allowing you be very precise with all pushes.
  • Repairing dents and creases to perfection.
  • Reading your light correctly.
  • Using a blending hammer and knockdown.
  • Pressure release.
  • Working under braces with specific tools.
  • Explanation of all tools, and the tips on each tool, there are several.
  • How to access dents on all types of vehicles.
  • Identifying, highs and lows very quickly.
  • All sizes of hail repair.
  • Removal of hoods, and deck lids, very easily.
  • How and when to crosscheck, saving valuable time.
  • Glue pulling- very important to repair dents with zero access.
  • Aluminum repair.
  • Using heat.
  • Explanation of crowns and how to repair.
  • Body lines.
  • Panels with a lot of curvature.
  • The art of glue pulling and releasing pressure at the same time.
  • Learning on getting business, from all sources, retail, hail repair, auto dealers, and insurance companies.
  • Reading your light source from all angles.
  • Dents very close to each other.
Will I Learn What All The Tools and Different Tips Are Used For?
Yes, this is very important before you train, and to speed you up on repairing dents.
Do You Show Students How to Access a Dent Once I Learn How to Repair a Dent Properly?
Yes, this also is very important; we will take the time to cover this subject so you will be prepared for this process.
Will I Learn How to Repair Dents under Braces?
Yes, because this is the only way to repair these and because you will run into this situation often.
Can Anyone Learn How to Fix Dents?
Yes, if you will work hard and use the techniques I’ve taught you.
Can women do this too, or does it require a lot of physical strength?
Absolutely women can. This is more hand eye coordination than physical strength.
Is There More Than One Trainer?
No, I am the owner and the only trainer.
Will You Teach Me How to Market Myself?
Yes, we will take the time to cover this process from top to bottom.
Is there an Airport Close and Can You Rent a Car?
Yes, in Paducah Kentucky, which I am about 20 miles from. It is Barkley Regional Airport. Also, Nashville, TN is only a two hour drive.
Are You Close to Motels, Restaurants and Convenient Stores?
Yes, I am only 7 miles from a Super Wal-Mart and several restaurants and convenient stores. I am located approximately 10 miles to the closest motel.
What Are Your Hours?
We will train Monday – Friday 8 AM – 4 PM. We will also work weekends if necessary.
Should I Get My Eyes Checked Before I Begin Training?
Yes, you should go to a reputable eye doctor and explain what you will be using your glasses for.
What Do I Need to Bring?
Only a notebook and a will to learn.

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Rave Reviews!

"Hello, I'm Terry H from Avon, IN. I recently attended Dwayne's Paintless dent repair training. I had taken a training course in San Diego last summer, that cost me more money than Dwayne's class, and didn't teach me but maybe 40% of what I needed to know to perform PDR for a living, Dwayne's approach is simple and straight forward. Dwayne was thorough, and knowledgeable, about what he is doing..."