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Dwayne has a system that will help you find, and master the precision, of your tool tip, in a short time frame!

Welcome to the online home of Dent Perfect Paintless Dent Repair. Here, you can receive the kind of one-on-one PDR training necessary to become a master at the profession of paintless dent repair. This isn’t some busy shop with a million other things to distract you from what you’re here to do. I only do one thing, and that is to pass on my knowledge of paintless dent removal to the next generation of technicians in a stress-free and focused environment, when you contact dent perfect, you will talk to dwayne, he is the owner and trainer, so he can answer any questions you may have honestly and promply. He can explain why one on one, is so important in learning this trade.

When you contact one of the big schools, you are talking to a salesperson, and they are very good at what they do. Once you book, you will never talk to these people again. You need to ask someone, you would like to ask the person who is going to train you some questions:

  • Do you offer one on one training, if you do what is price?
  • How long have you been doing pdr?
  • Are you a full time employee of xxxxxx dent repair school?
  • How many in my class?
  • Or any other questions you may have.

Consider all factors when choosing pdr training. More than likely you will only have one chance.

I have spent years developing the PTP training method, which does several things:

  • Makes finding your tip very simple, all Dent Perfect students have found their tip in under 30 minutes.
  • Every push you make is very precise eliminating all bad pushes, all pushes count, translates to less time.
  • You learn very quickly the art of repairing a dent to perfection, this is very important, because it allows you to start repairing dents, as soon as you get home!

He is a good guy and a true professional...

In 2012 i went to California to learn PDR, all i got was a very expensive vacation. I practiced on and off for three years, bought dvds, watched videos, nothing worked, I knew i had to quit or get re-trained. I found Dwayne online, and drove down from Michigan. After we started on first day, i knew i did not know much about PDR. If you are looking for training, there is no doubt this is where i would come. He is a good guy and a true professional.

Daniel Homer

We will not sit in the classroom, this is hands on training. You will have a paintless dent repair tool, in your hands, 90% of the time. We will start on a hood and a door, then actual vehicles. The other 10%, I will be explaining the situation, while you take notes. I do not leave, or, repair dents while you are training. When I see you doing something incorrectly, I will stop you right then, and explain what you are doing wrong. At this time you will take more notes. If you are having trouble, after you get home, you can always call, or email me, no question is a bad question. I want each, and every student I train, to be very successful, in the paintless dent repair business

You may have a friend that wants to train with you, I can do that too. I will work with you to accommodate your schedule, call me and we will discuss the options. I am the only trainer, and always will be. Contact me and I will answer any questions you may have. Remember, no question is a bad question.

Even after your PDR training has been completed, I will still be available for you to contact regarding any problems you may face.

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Get to know more about me, my experience, and how I can help you earn your stripes as a professional paintless dent repair person. Contact me today to get started on the road towards your future.

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For many people in looking to enter a profession in which you can find a job, work hard, and earn a good salary, paintless dent removal might just be the solution you seek. Read on to find answers to the questions we receive most.

Thank you for visiting my website. I look forward to passing on my knowledge to the next generation.